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About Ashlae

A critical thinker with a playful sense of humor, my work explores historical techniques in photography and visual storytelling.

It's not all black and white

Vast and powerful, the language of photography impresses upon us memory and emotion. For me, it becomes an extension of the written word to tell stories and construct narratives.


For clients, I help capture the subtleties in portraiture, events and environments to reflect their stories and connect with audiences.


Privately in my studio, shelves are filled with experiments and emulsions that let me explore physical properties of photography and gestural expression. These experiments inform both my fine art practice and commercial work.


Originally from Indiana, I finished my BFA in studio art photography at Miami University in Ohio. Following a 2-year registrar position at the Society for Photographic Education, I moved to Texas to finish an MFA in photography and intermedia arts at Texas Woman's University. Landing in Denver in 2014, I continue to find ways to share photography, art and words with an enthusiastic community.


Collaboration is a top priority. Please reach out if you're ready to accomplish something incredible!


Denver, Colorado, USA



+1 940 597 8287