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Spread the Tech Love Campaign

24/7 Networks

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Product Feature

24/7 Networks

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Exhibition Essay

Colorado Photographic Arts Center


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Portraits and Environments

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Environmental Portraits

Shang-ri La Spa Center

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Pinhole Camera Workshop

Annual Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day


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Complete Website Design

24/7 Networks

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Website Re-Design

Society of Petroleum Engineers

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Website and Monograph

Loli Kantor Photography

About Ashlae

A critical thinker with a playful sense of humor, my experience makes me an adaptable player in creating content and keeping it organized.

Their There

The rules of Strunk & White are firmly seated as the foundation for my writing practice, thanks to a favorite English teacher coupled with years and years of reading.


From classic literature to science encyclopedias, words inspire my imagination and feed my hunger to learn.


My knack for small details makes me a lean-and-mean editor, which a number of grad students have bravely faced while writing their thesis papers. After rounds of revisions, clients' clouded descriptions and disorganized statements are transformed into clear, cohesive messages.

It's not all black and white

Vast and powerful, the language of photography impresses upon us memory and emotion. For me, it becomes an extension of the written word to tell stories and construct narratives.


For clients, I help capture the subtleties in portraiture, events and environments to reflect their stories and connect with audiences.


Privately in my studio, shelves are filled with experiments and emulsions that let me explore physical properties of photography and gestural expression. These experiments inform both my fine art practice and commercial work in ways that help me capture those elusive subtleties in just fractions of seconds.

Console.log("Hello World")

Writing web code came with learning the keyboard in classes at school, and I continued learning coding languages as I explored emerging digital platforms.


Through various projects with clients, I've acquired a full-scale perspective of the complexities behind websites, along with insights into simplifying workflow based on context and audiences.


Meanwhile, under the cyber surface, I can dive deeply into the infrastructure to ensure security and performance.


For clients, these insights can help bring clarity and structure to a content marketing program, from strategy to production to distribution.


Collaboration is a top priority. Please reach out if you're ready to accomplish something incredible!


Denver, Colorado, USA


+1 940 597 8287